14 July 2019

Frostgrave Terrain pt.1 - "Design process"

Hello. It's been a really, REALLY, long break. Today I'd like to share with you my last project (but not the only one I've been working on). Frostgrave terrains again. But this time in MDF. Why I didn't finished my plaster ruins, you may ask. Well... at some point I've lost interest in it and I couldn't find any motivation to paint those walls with black primers over and over again. The thing is, every time I thought it's ready for another colour I was finding yet another white spot somewhere between those stones.

So I've decided that if I want to have at least some good looking terrains for this game I need to make them as an MDF laser cut .

20 February 2019

Necromunda - Broken Walls for "Necrowalls v41"

Just quick update with new elements. I'm taking a break from Necromunda for some time.

Long section (86mm)

3 November 2018

Necromunda - "Necrowalls v41" & "Necrowalls v41 Superstructures" project update.

The idea came (as always btw.) from Queras (Tales from the Basement) somewhere in August. He asked me:

"WeRT, could you design platforms which I will put on my walls set?"