Necromunda - My "Necrowalls" set on Thingiverse

My 2nd set called "Necrowalls" for Necromunda tiles. New set was optimized for easy cutting and assembling. Design is slightly different from previous but the style preserved. I've uploaded all files on Thingiverse.

Each [design] contains assembly instruction in PDF file. Last but not least, all files are shared with this CC license. You can made set for yourself but it's illegal to sell or modify it in any kind or form.

I hope you like it :)

Assembly Instructions






Necromunda - Walls Set Project

Story behind project
So it was one of this days when everything is against you. My VTLAMP6 had some malfunction. I've sent it back to the shop with complaint. They said it will take ~20 days to get me new one. Crap! Because I wasn't able to paint miniatures I've started priming bases and walls for Frostgrave Project. After 3 evenings I was bored as hell. And in this endless boredom I've finally found 3 words. "Necromunda Platform Set".

I've asked one of my best pals (Queras) from Tales-From-The-Basement for literally ONE Goliath miniature from his Necromunda Starter Box. To get the scale and do some testing. When you ask Dawid for something, you might be 100% you'll get more then you've asked for. I've got 2 miniatures and 2 plastic doors from him. And those damn plastic doors pulled me away from my original idea and threw me into something we've discussed with Dawid earlier. HDF walls set for 2D-munda. I've spent some quite time surfing and found similar ideas were already there (by Death-Ray Design, Blotz and Art of War Studios) but... to be fair I didn't like any of them. Like fucking always I've decided to create my own!

  • First - I've learned all of them have wrong sizes (mostly length).
  • Second - I've learned Games Workshop literally fucked up tiles middle point (x/y) so no surprise all companies have wrong size.
  • Third - I've assumed whole set shouldn't cost more then 40€ but at the end I've found it'll cost x3 more...

After several evenings (after work) I've finally had the whole set ready. 278 meters of laser cutting.
Good Lord!

Then I spent 40-50h sorting elements and gluing them together. And now... I'm giving it to Queras, because he was /tg/ who put his money on the table. Finally I'm going back to my "Necromunda Platform Set" project.

So far this set was made in ONE COPY and no more are planned.
Crazy? Let says it's some kind of art.

The funniest part of this story is, I still haven’t bought a single miniature or a starter box. I'm waiting for my beloved Cawdor and I strongly doubt I'll buy anything before I have it.
Anyway, I hope you like it :)