Bolt Action 39 - Wheat and ploughed fields

Wheat fields were made from coconut mat. I don't like how miniatures looks when you put them on just solid piece of mat. So I've cut mat onto smaller pieces and glued them at the sides and in the corners. I had to paint mat fibers because they were too orange for my taste. But... heh... that's another story. Now inside each wheat field you can easily place 12 man, light tank or transporter.
Ploughed fields were made from door mat and textured with dried tea (soaked in PVA glue).

Wheat fields

Ploughed fields


Bolt Action 39 - Buildings part III - Office

My pride and pearl. I'm really glad how it looks. It was the most expensive building so far because for basic structure I paid 7-8 €. But it was worth it. I was inspired by XIX and XX century buildings from Silesia and Galicia (Eastern Europe) region. Maybe it is school? Maybe office? It is not a house for sure. For the first time instead of doing regular cuts I've tried to make half cuts to get bricks texture. I've asked company (they made for me previous laser-cuts) to try using only 30% of laser power. It was perfect shoot. At first gaps between bricks looks too thin but after airbrush primer I found it isn't necessary to fill them with wash.

Almost everything was laser-cut. Except roof steel plates which were made using 0.5 mm plasticard. I must admit it was fail concept. Why? Because light hits damaging paint job. I've learned a lesson and next time I'll use just regular cardboard soaked with PVA glue. Like all buildings before this one gets dark-grey finish inside.