3 November 2018

Necromunda - "Necrowalls v41" & "Necrowalls v41 Superstructures" project update.

The idea came (as always btw.) from Queras (Tales from the Basement) somewhere in August. He asked me:

"WeRT, could you design platforms which I will put on my walls set?"

I've drawn a few concepts and I stopped. Don't really remember why. It striked back when Games Workshop updated rules for Chaos Cultist warband and I fall in love. I even said "new Chaos is like House Cawdor on steroids". The biggest issue was getting the models. GW has only 5 from original 11 cultist they released in "Warhammer 40.000 Dark Vengeance" starter in 2012 available. So, which one of my friends has the biggest collection of unused and unpainted miniatures? Dawid, aka Queras! I asked him about the models and he said:

"I will give you all the missing models if... you speed up with "platform project."

I said okey. What you will see in a minute is the 2nd iteration with most of minor bugs and wrong concepts fixed. The set still needs 3 little improvements and some simplification, but you won't be able to notice them once they are cut. Also, my old walls set which you can see in the previous post has been updated to v41. I've changed walls thickness, redesigned small doors, conducts and added "gothic walls" based on Forge World - Zone Mortalis resin set. Overall, I'm really happy with how it looks like right now and I can't wait to paint it. And I don't want to pretend the designs aren't mostly based on GW style and already existing elements.

See how the the variety of my walls set can impact the way can be played. I don't even need fancy game mats any more.

1. I can play Necromunda on flat tiles.

2. I can use my "Necrowalls v41" MDF set (or any similar set available on the internet).

3. I can put some MDF containers...

4. ...and add some platforms on top of the columns.

5. I can put on top of the current structure another level...

6. ...and another one. Honestly I can put as many as I want.

7. I can add some railings.

8. If I ever wanted to add some "Sector Mechanicus" platforms they will fit perfectly to current MDF cuts. And all of this by using the same, hated by the most players, tiles.

ps. Necromunda tiles are great! :)

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  1. Ho, ho. Prawdziwy ul można z tego zbudować, albo inną wieżę Babel.